Jacquelyn Kathleen Wells


Barbara Riddle-Dvorak


Guess Qui Sont Coming to Dinner?

A comedy in one act by Barbara Riddle and Jacquelyn Wells
Copyright 2003 - All rights reserved

     Carolyn Dupré, half French, half African-American, has been unable to leave her San Francisco flat since her return from her father's funeral in Paris. For her 30th birthday dinner, her gay roommate, Bruce Goldstein, is preparing a gourmet feast.

     The unexpected arrival of several guests complicates the celebration and allows Carolyn to face her demons. Dr. Pierre Leblanc, her French ex-fiancé, appears determined to win her back.

     The sudden entrance of Annie Rose, a Lesbian and Bruce's old college friend, concerns Pierre as they await the arrival of his eccentric parents. The parents materialize and the opinionated Parisians clash with the San Franciscans and New Yorker Annie; their views on the conflict in Iraq, Pierre's surprising ties to a shady Sonoma County Foie Gras enterprise, their discomfort with Bruce's and Annie's homosexuality, Bruce's Jewish-ness, and the revelation of Carolyn's bi-racial heritage creates amusing tension in this consequential comedy.

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